5YRSDongguan Weichang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Weichang is a trust-based company who is of professional sales of imported machine tool accessories and NC tools. Founded in Changan Dongguan in 2010, our company has established a good market reputation after many years of rapid development. Besides, we has won the recognition of the vast number of peers and suppliers. Our company will continue to serve customers in line with the concept of customer first, integrity-based.Company products:Hydraulic Machine Vise,Universal Dividing Head ,Precision Compact MC Power Vise,52-PCS Steel Clamping Kit ,Precision Ground Parallels,Adjustable Angle Plate ,Right Angle Head,Universal Cutter Grinder,Chamfering&Deburring Unit,Punch Former,Punch Grinder Standard Type,Tool Makers Vise,Precision Universal Angle Vise,EDM Tool Maker Vise,Angle Plate,Universal Wheel Dresser,Grinding Wheel Flange,Wheel Ballancing Stand,Driving Carrier,Magnetic Sine Plate With Fine Pole,Fine Pole Magnetic Plate,Magnetic Transisting Block,Permanent-Electro Magnetic Chuck,Permanent Magnetic Lifter ,Demagnetizer,Magnetic V Block ,Magnetic Tools ,Precision Gauge Blocks,Horizontal Leveling Lnstrument,Dial Test Indicator,ER Spring Collet Chuck System,Collet Holders With Straight Shank,Drill Chucks Arbor,Pull Studs,Integrated Type Keyless Drill Chucks,Keyless Drill Chucks,Touch Point Sensor,Touch Point Sensor With Beeper,Height Presetter,Tap Chuck Series ,Drill Tapper,Quick Change Tapping Collet,Air Tapping unit,Tool Holder Locking Device,Spindle Taper Wiper ,Tooling Trolleys,Tailstock For NC Rotary Table,Live Lathe Center,High-Load NC Live Center,Inter-Changeable Points Live Center,Bull Nose Pipe Center,Jaw Self Centering Chuck,Machining Jaw Chuck,Arbor Press,Air Die Tool,Precision Drill Grinder,Precision End Mill Grinder
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